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Alyssa - lip expansion
Picture from "Blowjob Barbie" story.

Alyssa is a girl with a very high libido. It has always been that way. She didn't manage to graduate from college, because her insatiable desire left her reputation in shambles and her grades in ruins. She was forced to leave the university with nothing to show for it but her ability to act like a cheap whore.

Fortunatelly, she manged to find a rich husband, who didn't satisfy her sexual appetite, but made her life comfortable and safe.

Everything changed after the divorce. That was a few years ago and since then Alyssa had enjoyed the sweet life, spending money on whatever drew her attention at the time, partying with rich friends and carousing with any number of man who drew her fancy. One thing she hadn’t expected, however, was that none of the virile young studs she had taken to bed were able to satisfy her either.

She had tried to find the right partner, sometimes even trying two at once, but no one had been able to truly scratch that itch. She had gone through dozens of men, big, small, tall, thin, short, fat, white, black, bald and everything in between but nothing seemed to trip her trigger.

Then, she met James. He had shown her a brand new world, a world centered around pleasing as many men as she could. A world where she had finally found what made her tick, where she could finally scratch the itch that had plagued her for her entire life.

Alyssa thought that James was acting strange, saying that he would give her a break, until she found out what his idea of a break was. He took her straight to a private clinic where a nurse was waiting for the two of them. Alyssa sat on an examining bed while James explained to her what he wanted to happen. “After that hiccup at the beginning you’ve really become quite the cock-slut. I want to turn you into a walking advertisement for blowjobs but this won’t work unless you want it too.” He grabbed her lower lip and tugged at it gently. “I’m going to have the doctor inflate these until they’re the only thing anyone sees when they look at you. I’m going to loan you out to everyone I can find and you’re going to swallow gallons of cum. Your mouth is going to become the center of your world and you won’t care about anything else but shoving cock down your throat. I think you want this, I think there’s nothing else you want more than to be my cum-dump.”

The story contains: Blow job, lip expansion, domination, breast expansion, bondage, ass expansion,gang bangs, tattoes and piercing, facial enhancements, waist reduction

Picture from "Never say 'bimbo' like it's a bad thing"
Illustrated by :iconbasiae:

The story focuses on bimbofication.

“No, Allison, we can’t”. Her voice sounded totally unconvincing.

 “Why not?” she asked mobbing her full lips closer to Beth’s.

The temptation was too strong and Beth could no longer resist. Allison’s lips, plump and warm pleasured hers. Beth licked them and bit on them lightly. She touched her neck with her fingertips and ran them down, lower and lower. When her hand reached the perfectly round breast she sighed with pleasure. Allison’s boobs were firm and springy, and at the same time pleasantly soft. With the fingers of her other hand Beth was fondling her own clitoris. She’d never touched herself in the presence of another person. She leaned down to lick Allison’s nipple. Allison let out a long moan. Beth caressed her breasts with fascination bordering with worship. They were perfect despite being fake. And maybe that was the reason? Next to them her own boobs seemed unattractive.

Never say 'bimbo' like it's a bad thing by Dollproject
Never say 'bimbo' like it's a bad thing
Dollproject is now working with new artists! We believe that diversity will make our stories better and more interesting :).
This one is by :iconbasiae: What do you think?

The story is a
fantasy about becoming a bimbo. It concentrates on a mental and physical transformation, accepting one's true nature and struggles with showing it to the world. The plot is presented from a female poin of view.

Written and illustrated by two women.
Slave Doll Traders

Story in the 'Undercover Doll' universe.
Kiev's Club is a place where you can make your wildest fantasies come true. The owers, Manikoff twins modify women's bodies and sell them as sex toys. 
In "Slave-Doll Traders" they present their abilities and achievements they're most proud of.

It's a collector's pack, which means that most of the pictures are new, upgraded versions of old renders.

The story contains: breast expansion, enhanced sensitivity, lip expansion, enhanced libido, domination, tattoo and piercing, bondage, pussy growth.

Breast Expansion Rush 2

Story similiar to the "Boobie Greed", concentrated on an extreme breast expansion with implants. It's realistic and focused on a main character's metamorphosis.

Shilia used to be focused on her career and friends. But ever since she augmented her breasts, her priorites started to change.
She becomes addited to the surgeries and enjoys the attention and power the growing boobs giver her. Will she ever be able to stop?

Breast expansion, Realistic, Tease Lip expansion, Relationship focused, Caring fem dom

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Breast expansion by Dollproject

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